Sale Procedures Of Buying A New Launch

Are you looking to upgrade from an HDB to a condo?


Or are you buying your first new launch condo in Singapore?


Whether it is your first or second purchase, for own stay or investment, buying a property in Singapore is an important decision.


With the ever-changing government regulations and loan restrictions, it can be confusing especially for a first-time property buyer.


Refer to the table below for a summary of the procedure and timeline for purchasing an uncompleted project from the developer.


Summary Guide For Buying An Uncompleted Property



Rates For Buyer's Stamp Duty



Rates For Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty



Sale Timeline For Buying An Uncompleted Property



Understand The Progressive Payment Scheme For Buying An Uncompleted Property





Maximum Amount You Can Borrow From The Bank



Rates For Seller's Stamp Duty


You are certainly spoiled for choices with so many new condo launches in the property market, but please be aware of the rising mortgage interest rate.


As property is often one of the biggest purchases that you will make in your lifetime, and usually comes with a large mortgage that can result in financial distress if not plan and decide properly.


Often it is easy to get overwhelmed by emotions and suffer from buyer's remorse later on.


Everyone's needs are different. There is no one perfect condo project.


If you are buying for your own stay, your needs can be very different from someone buying for investment.


Not forgetting after buying your new launch condo, tap on this IRAS Property Tax Calculator on how to calculate and pay for your property tax.


  • We are pleased to offer you comprehensive advice and share how ones can enhance the risk-and -return profile of an investor's portfolio through precise analysis of your real estate investment strategy.


  • We will show you the numbers behind the different upgrading options available for you:
  1. Buying your first condo
  2. Keeping your existing residential property and buy another condo
  3. Sell your existing residential property first, then buy a condo
  4. Buy a condo first, then sell your existing residential property
  5. Sell one buy two
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